Why Tooth Extractions are Essential

What are Tooth Extractions?

It’s a procedure in which a tooth has to be removed or extracted from your mouth due to any other complication or issue that is causing pain or other problems to your lifestyle. It consists of the complete extraction of the tooth from its raw socket on the bone, and while that sounds difficult and painful as well, you don’t have to worry at all because this procedure is very common and a standard process that can be performed for almost any dentist or professional with the required instruments or tools to make a more efficient extraction.

Like it has been said before, this procedure is performed since a couple of issues are taking place in the tooth socket, and to avoid facing any further complications in the future, the dentist will recommend a complete removal. You’ll face this kind of procedure if you suffer from a broken tooth, serious damage of decay that was developed from any type of health issue or complication, and so many other things as well, and while those problems could be solved with crowns or fillings, if the damage is too severe, forget about that solutions and be ready to complete extraction.

Benefits of Tooth Extractions:

At first, losing a tooth doesn’t sound too attractive because they are very important in our life and routine, but after the procedure, you will found more benefits than consequences or cons overall, so, it’s worth giving it a try especially if you are suffering from any kind of pain that was developed from problems that will be discussed with the benefits of the procedure in the next paragraphs.

    • You’ll be ready for any Orthodontics in the Future.

In some locations, a dentist like Dr. Morrison will need to clean the mouth of teeth if he/she needs to prepare an orthodontic for any other purpose. In the orthodontic the main objective is to properly align the teeth of your mouth, so, if yours are too big taking into consideration the space of your mouth, removal will be necessary to avoid any complication on the procedure that could affect the performance.

    • Forget about Infections.

The most common reason for tooth extractions is problems with the space of your mouth and the presence of multiple infections in your teeth. Tooth decay can be pretty painful, especially if it spreads to the pulp, and since bacteria can enter your mouth pretty easily, it can also get to your tooth’s nerves and blood vessels, which will lead to an infection. If you’re lucky, the infection can be solved with enough antibiotics or minor procedures, but if it’s too severe, then be prepared for a tooth extraction to save more time and to say goodbye to any pain.

    • Excellent for Compromised Immune Systems.

A lot of complicated treatments can compromise this immune system like chemotherapy or even organ transplants, so, there is always the risk of suffering from an infection after or during those procedures thanks to the bacteria entering our system when it’s in weak shape. Starting from common infections and going to Periodontal Disease, depending on the case an extraction will be pretty much required to avoid suffering from other problems thanks to the previous procedures that were used as an example.

Who is it Good for?

While this procedure is very common, it doesn’t mean that you should face it for any kind of minor problem in your teeth or mouth, there are only some people that will need this extraction, and you get to discover who will need to be ready for this kind of procedure in the future

  • If you have an infection or tooth decay, then extraction is pretty much needed to avoid a further spread into other parts of your mouth.
  • Having a problem with the space of your mouth? Then maybe some teeth are categorized as “extra” and they need to get removed to give access and space to the important ones.
  • If you are one of those people who suffer from a baby tooth that doesn’t want to fall out in time, then you need a tooth extraction before the permanent teeth come in, otherwise, you can be a victim of serious pain.
  • Orthodontic treatments need enough room to secure the effectiveness of the procedure, so that being said, some teeth need to be removed to create room for the teeth that are going to be moved.
  • Finally, the scary wisdom teeth are subject to lots of nightmares since they develop some episodes of painful situations before and after their removal, so be prepared.